Saturday, September 6, 2008

Have I written anything about Cindy McCain?

I was shocked when I saw the video and started hearing all the things this amazing woman has done. I had no idea.

You'd think the press would be writing about the candidate's wives wouldn't you? I mean, yea-yuh, their husbands are running for office, but these days it's good to know the entire family character.

Little side note on the difference between the two women. Both went on The View at different times as a host (or guest, whatever they call them). Obama's wife gave them a list of off-limit topics not to be touched on, brought up, mentioned, thought about during her time on The View. Cindy McCain? No requirements. Everything open and nothing off limits.

So much for free speech, open government, women of substance who can take care of themselves.... ya know, the modern woman, independent, free thinking, strong... unless you're Michelle Obama.

Cindy McCain has more foreign policy experience than Biden and Obama put together. That woman gives. She has done more REAL community organizing than Obama dreamed about during his time organizing whatever it was he organized. She fixed it so kids lived and it's obvious she's color blind when it comes to skin color and caring.

She brought home babies from other countries, loved them, raised them long before Madonna and whatever other Hollywood so-called-star ever thought of it.

She's independent. She's strong. She's caring. She gives. She's intelligent. She loves her family. She loves her country. Sure she has money, but it sure didn't turn her into a Paris Hilton. Her foundation gives and gives. She has a heart for giving.

Look at the way the kids from John McCain's first family treated her! They hugged, kissed cheeks and obviously had high regard for her. I understand John McCain's ex-wife has a McCain sign on her yard! You don't see that kind of relationship in most cases of divorce! We're talking about people of high caliber here, people who live their principles and don't expect Washington to take care of their principles for them.

No wonder John McCain was comfortable picking Sarah Palin! I love the way Cindy McCain talks about Sarah, too. She doesn't have any anxiety about who she is as a person. Strong women aren't intimidated by other strong women, they welcome them!

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