Monday, September 8, 2008

A "Real" Woman

I think one of the reasons Sarah Palin is catching the attention and enthusiasm of so many is because she comes across as "real". She drives her own car to work (which will change once she's VP I'm sure, for security reasons!). She has kids who act out at times, who aren't perfect. She sticks to her guns on issues (ha ha, no pun intended with the gun thing). She works her butt off and gets things done. She has principles. She's willing to change her mind and makes no excuses about it.

Barack is going after the change mantra that Sarah Palin and John McCain have adopted. It's a different kind of change. It's change Washington. It's a change of ethics. Obama has shown he's just more Washington. He can be jerked around by the insiders. He isn't independent. He comes across as someone who's just talking the same old talk.

I've listened to him and listened and once you get away from all the somewhat great delivery it's empty. I read his releases, I get all his stuff. Sorry, no substance.

Now Palin on the other hand has substance.

Changing subjects just a bit here, I've been reading some other blogs about Sarah Palin. She is being hit from all sides with stuff that has been proven to be false, yet they keep saying it over and over giving it new life. I have found a few positive blogs, but it's hard and I don't think that's because they're not there, I think the search engines are owned by a bunch of liberals who are probably going through and changing the listing parameters so the positive ones won't show. Hmmm, I wonder what words they'd use? I bet they make sure if a blog has Sarah or Palin in the title it won't get on the engines.

Yes, I know I'm sounding paranoid or conspiratorial, but try to find the good blogs about her and you'll find they aren't listed on the first umpteen pages at all. I had to get real creative to find stuff, but I did. I'll try to add it to the sidebar when I have a minute (assuming anyone is reading this or has even been able to find it!)

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