Friday, September 5, 2008

Unemployment up

Do ya think the fact that they increased the minimum wage might have something to do with less jobs? increased unemployment?

I have a small business. Adding 70 cents an hour to the minimum wage means not hiring someone, not adding that new job I wanted and needed.

Every time there's a Presidential election whoever has Congress makes sure they screw up the economy just enough for the incumbent President to look bad.

Gas prices are up? So why not drill??? Why haven't we done it before now? If we'd opened up the areas that are off limits years back then we wouldn't be having this kind of problem now.

The press keeps cramming down our throats that the economy stinks. Anyone who talks facts, shares numbers is killed in the press.

The American people are becoming sheep and that is not a good place to be. What happened to our independent spirit, the one that had us really looking at things, taking care of ourselves?

I heard about an article in the Wall Street with the true economic numbers. Gotta go find it 'cause things aren't anywhere near as bad as people are saying. But I'm as bad as anyone else, I keep hearing it so I'm putting off buying this or that, making things last a bit longer, making sure I'm clipping those coupons (which I should be doing anyway).

Gas prices are making me think a bit when I'm going out. Instead of jumping in the car and going here today, there tomorrow, I'm planning so I can make loops.

But I still buy my Monsters, go through the drive-through, order pizza delivery, buy my little treats.

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