Thursday, October 16, 2008

Go Sarah!

Sarah is getting ready to get off the plane in Bangor, Maine. There is a huge crowd waiting to see her and hear her speak.

Mainstream media has their heads up their you-know-whats when it comes to this superb lady. Liberals only love liberals!

I only wish John McCain had been able to unveil Sarah earlier! I understand that it wasn't possible and that part of her charm is the surprise of having her, but she has brought such energy to McCain's campaign.

The media and Democrats got off on the wrong foot when they came out in such meanness against her. They've revised their strategy and it is having an affect on the easily led, however you can see by the crowds she's attracting that it ain't workin' near good 'nuff. She has armour that makes Barack Obama's look like aluminum foil.

Not that Obama ever has to worry about the media going after him a fraction as bad as they have against Sarah Palin. Obama can't even handle tough questions posed by Fox News. Fair questions that should be asked by all of the media if they weren't so in love with the idea of Obama. Wait until he turns on them if he's elected. By the time they realize what he is and what he's doing their voice will be nothing but his.

Love Sarah Palin! She is so REAL. I'd have her over for dinner in a heart beat.

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