Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ad these ads to your blogs! Help get the word out!

Stacy at http://smartgirlpolitics.blogspot.com/ writes: "Let Freedom Ring is beginning a new campaign ad I believe today. They have about 20 new youtube ads that will be on the radio and tv. They are good.....no they are great ads. I have one of them "Chicken Button" on my site now. It is hysterical. If we used our network and everyone put a few of these ads on their sites, we could make them go viral.

The ads are consolidated at: http://neverfindout.org/. Looks like a one-stop shopping place for some very cool posts. Just grab them off the site. Take a look.

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Lipstick Republican said...

Another way to get the word out is through Joe Hilley's new biography and leadership analysis of Sarah Palin. Title is Sarah Palin: A New Kind of Leader. Published by Zondervan. Available at all the usual places online.