Saturday, September 27, 2008

Team Sarah, Red State Feminists, Joe Biden and David Letterman

Team Sarah (.com) is a great new website and an easy way to meet other supporters of Sarah. I've been over looking around but haven't joined yet. I will.

There are some excellent sites cropping up in support of Sarah Palin all over the net. One of the new members on our network is the Red State Feminists (.org).

What are we all going to do after Sarah and John McCain win on November 4th? I think Sarah will need our support more than ever in the coming years. If we think the media is full of nasty now, wait until she's in office. There will be more bad jokes and stabs than ever I believe.

I am excited about her debate with Joe Bidenism. They are probably working so hard to try and keep him from adding to the list of Bidenisms that it will be impossible for him not to make another!

Did anyone see David Letterman Thursday night? Talk about being hot under the collar! I can't exactly blame him for being mad, but he did get a bit carried away. If I had invited someone to my show (or house) and they cancelled and told me they had to hop a plane, then I saw them talking to another show host (or at a friends party), I would be angry. I don't know why it was handled like that but I would imagine something changed at the last minute. Talking serious matters to a newscaster is a lot different than cracking jokes during a financial crisis, but a phone call to let Letterman know things had changed would have been a nice gesture.

I haven't read McCain's side of things, but having Letterman as an enemy is not good. Then again, when Letterman likes you it can be pretty darned uncomfortable, too. I've never cared for Letterman's politics or some of his humor, but he is someone who has a lot of followers who can be influenced by his comments.

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