Monday, September 29, 2008

Ohio and Florida

The Democrat Obamanitties are making a huge push in both states (among others). In Ohio they are using a law that allows absentee voters to register at the time they vote and they're going after college students. In Florida Bill Clinton is holding rallies and the Dem operatives are pushing to get everyone they can registered by October 6th (deadline).

Whatever state you're in, check to see what the voter registration rules are and if you have time before the deadline passes (if it hasn't already) get out there and register your kids friends, your neighbors and your church members. Get your friends to do the same!

I remember when I was college age and how easy it was to be swept up in the dynamics of whatever was considered cool. I thought I knew it all or at least I didn't exactly listen to anything outside my perceived cool range . You're spoon fed crap at that age and swallow it whole thinking you're changing the world for the better. A lot of these kids who are being swept into the Obama camp, smart as they are in some ways, are going to someday look back and realize they made a huge error in judgement. Hopefully they won't be looking back and regretting it because they made a difference and took the country to ruin by putting Obama in the White House.

I don't mean to sound like chicken-little, but with the country on the verge of nationalizing our financial markets giving power to Obama is about the worst thing I can imagine. We may as well tear up the Constitution if he gets elected.

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