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Republicans Must Stop Vote Fraud or Lose

The following is a message from the Republican National Lawyers Association via NewsMax. I normally don't pass along paid advertising, but there's some good thoughts / info in here so I'm bending my own rules. I have taken out all but one plea for monetary assistance at the very end. If you're inclined to help, that's great -- it sounds like a great cause. I just didn't like the idea of sharing something that asked you for money, good info or not.

Dear Reader:

Last week Bill O'Reilly on Fox News exposed the fact that the New York Times killed a story about the relationship between ACORN and the Obama campaign conspired in the 2008 election. Other media outlets refuse to disclose how ACORN uses vote fraud to steal elections.
When a paper like the New York Times hides the truth, we live in worrisome times.
At stake is nothing more than our democratic freedoms and way of life.

As you may know, we at the Republican National Lawyers Association have been fighting for a fair election in Minnesota.

On election night, Republican Norm Coleman led by 725 votes. But after a "recount" and questionable activities by the state's liberal Secretary of State, Franken now leads.
We have been fighting and so far Al Franken has yet to be seated.

Franken's Outrage

But we were shocked last week when the three judge panel in Minnesota decided that it is okay to treat voters in different parts of Minnesota differently, instead of treating all voters equally. The judges have basically said that the Equal Protection Clause of the US Constitution does not apply in Minnesota.

And in New York, lawyers are already battling over absentee and military ballots in the special election to fill a vacant seat for Congress. RNLA Members are there right now, helping ensure the vote counting is as fair as possible.

The results show a dead heat, and absentee ballots are crucial. These ballots usually favor the Republicans but at the urging of the Democrat Candidate’s lawyer the counting of absentee ballots is going ahead before the deadline for receipt of absentee ballots from our military and overseas voters even occurs!

Once again, Democrats are trying to disenfranchise military voters because soldiers are perceived to favor Republicans.

This is why our work at the Republican National Lawyers Association is so critical.

Your help is also critical — please support our efforts.

We are the leading group in the Republican Party fighting to ensure that elections are honest and that voters, not lawyers or judges, decide the elections.

Already, we helped stop Harry Reid from seating Al Franken in the Senate as a Senator before the Minnesota Election Process is completed.

We fought for military voters and as a result of the ongoing pressure of groups like the RNLA, the New York Board of Elections initially extended the deadline for the return of military ballots so that the ballots have a chance to get back from places such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Republicans will keep fighting until those votes are counted.

But these are just battles in a longer struggle.

ACORN's Dirty Tricks

Years ago the left realized if they can't win at the ballot box, they could work the process. George Soros backed liberals in various states who became Secretary of State — the chief state officer who usually controls the election process.

The Democrats in Congress worked hard to give liberal groups like ACORN billions — to "register" voters. There have been widespread charges, prosecutions, convictions and allegations of fraud against groups like ACORN.

We need to do what the left has done. We need to organize and prepare. The 2010 elections are fast approaching. We need to train lawyers who will protect your right to vote and have it count!
We also need to expose groups like ACORN — in both the courts and the media.

You can help us do that!

U.S. House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers [D-MI] was so alarmed by the Testimony of RNLA's First Vice President Heather Heidelbaugh about ACORN's activities that he called for a hearing on ACORN.

But other Democrats, led by Subcommittee Chair Jerrold Nadler [D-NY] objected saying there was "no credible evidence" against ACORN.

Even though Mel Watt [D-NC] stated in the same hearing: "I would even stipulate if I were in court that voter fraud does in fact take place. I might even stipulate that ACORN or some of its employees have participated in voter fraud."

But we have more evidence that will force the truth about ACORN out.

As revealed on O’Reilly, New York Times Reporter Stephanie Strom stated in a phone call to an ACORN informant: "I've been asked by my bosses to stand down" and stop reporting on ACORN. This reporter also detailed how the Obama campaign refused to talk about how they gave their donor list to ACORN. The reporter states: "the campaign insisted on speaking only on background. When I asked why, I got the barrage I described earlier. Cleary, I have hit a nerve."

But the liberal New York Times killed the story.

We Need to Prepare Now for the Next Election

We are not afraid to expose this fraud.

The RNLA is working hard to get the truth out.

Congressional Hearings, the press and legal proceedings to stop ACORN.

Whatever it takes, we will fight groups like ACORN.

Your help to us critical in our fight, please donate today.

But we must start early and now. Our urgent effort needs your help.

We believe our country's future depends on fair elections — not a sham process one finds in banana republics.

Help us stop the shady political operatives, left wing lawyers, ACORN, and liberal judges.

With your help we can do it.

Michael Thielen
Executive Director RNLA

P.S. Congress earmarked billions in Obama's stimulus for ACORN. This is why we need your help, and why we need to keep fighting to stop election fraud. Whatever happens in Minnesota or New York, we know many future battles lie ahead. We need to prepare today for tomorrow. Please help us in this vital effort — Go Here Now.

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