Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hey Libs...

I just learned that anyone who uses the term "libs" is considered trash. You have to take into consideration that the one calling me (or anyone using the term lib) trash has a rather trashy mouth and obviously a whole lotta hate swirling around inside their gut.

I sure wish people could get past the hate. I don't hate my lib friends, who by the way, have no problem with the title. We cut up and have a good time. They wouldn't support Sarah Palin any more than I'd support Barack Obama, but we can have intelligent conversations without rancor.

Ah well, people's words tell a lot about their character.

I do think it's sad that the fringes cause so much turmoil. There are fringe elements on both side of the aisle. It doesn't take much to set them off. Fortunately, the majority of us can agree to disagree and still be willing to sit in the same room without spitting at each other. Unfortunately, the fringe element catches attention and oft times manages to intimidate the middle.

One thing I've noticed about the Sarah Palin haters is they don't seem to know much about her. They simply repeat talking points that have no basis in fact or reality.

I have to run, going to meet some of my lib... left... progressive... whatever you want to call 'em, along with some independent and conservative, friends to work on a charity project... together... in harmony... I'll let the libs know they're conspiring with trash to do good.

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