Sunday, October 12, 2008

What about the parents of these children... don't they have a voice? rights?

On one of my previous posts someone commented on the parents of unborn children having rights. They then went on to talk about how we are fighting, soldiers are dying and we're killing, and so on and so on.

The anonymous comment ended with something about being fed up.

I find it hard to fathom how the rights of living, thinking, supposedly responsible adults is more important than that of an unborn child, or any child for that matter. I find it hard to understand the reasoning that says an adult has the right to kill an unborn child. With the line of reasoning that says the rights of the parent are more important than the life of an unborn child it's just one teeny, tiny step to killing a child that has popped out of the womb and is crying. Whoops, I forgot, Barack Obama supports doing just that if the mother was trying to have an abortion and the child managed to survive.

So have the baby already and give it to someone who wants it. How difficult is it to trade nine months for a life?

I know the following argument doesn't work in the case of incest and rape, but in the vast, vast majority of cases it does: Why not make sure you won't have children in the first place? Why should a child have to pay with its life just because you were too stupid to use birth control?

I used to sit on the fence when it came to the abortion issue. No longer. It's the most selfish of selfish acts. It says you are not responsible for your actions. It says you're willing to kill rather than suffer the inconvenience of having a child. It's a symbol of our current me, me, me lifestyle.

Much as I disagree with it, I can actually understand abortion much better in the days when birth control, aside from abstinence, didn't exist. Even in the days when birth control was hit or miss I could understand it a bit better. I'm not saying I condone it under any circumstances, but it's easier to understand a woman with ten children saying enough is enough 100 years ago than it is to understand today's woman who doesn't want stretch marks.

And speaking to the argument of soldiers fighting for our freedoms and killing other adults who are making the choice to fight back. Adults. Making their own choices. Big difference.

If you don't believe in soldiers killing then how can you condone killing unborn children? Makes not one bit of sense. One wrong in your mind shouldn't be used to justify another wrong.

I happen to believe we need to fight for what is good and right. If we don't fight for what is right, if we're not willing to lay down our lives to keep our freedoms, then we lose. If we hand over our freedom I guarantee there's going to be a whole lot more killing and suffering than we have now!

If I as an adult choose to fight and possibly lay down my life then it is a choice I make. If I choose to abort a child I am killing an innocent being who has no say in the matter.

I know this isn't going to get through the thick brain of anyone who isn't willing to accept responsibility for their actions. I know that the pro-choice aren't going to be convinced. They believe in their choice, not the child's choice. If you don't want to get pregnant then be an adult and do something about it. No excuses these days for an unwanted pregnancy aside from rape and incest.

Birth control. Tubal ligation. Sex change. Choose one if you don't want to get pregnant.

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