Sunday, October 5, 2008

Send Sarah to Michigan!!!

We need to start a movement to get Sarah and Todd to Michigan! Can you imagine the impact it would have if the McCain camp decided in the next week or so to use Sarah to move Michigan into the red column?

I understand marshaling your resources and a strategy to hold and conquer those with highest chances, but I hate to concede Michigan (not that they are, but it seems that way now that they've made such a big deal out of it).

Barack Obama pulled out of a number of states (5 I think) quietly and it made few headlines. John McCain openly announces he's pulled out of one state and you'd think the world had come to an end.

However, if handled right, sending Sarah to Michigan and having huge rallies up there would make a world of difference to Michigan voters. It would be a shot in the arm.

I've been in states and counties where candidates made strategic decisions to move their resources elsewhere. It hurts moral and makes it that much harder to get the enthusiasm needed to win.

We need to support Michigan and we need to start a movement to get Sarah and Todd to hold a few rallies there before November 4th! I know it will be tough because they are going to be going everywhere and will be stretched thin, but I think it's worth the effort if the campaign can make it happen!

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