Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Issue with Ayers is that Barack Obama LIED

To me, the issue is trust, the issue is that Barack Obama is lying about his relationship with his neighborhood and fellow board member, Bill Ayers.

There have been so many issues that have been raised about Obama's honesty.

I have another problem with the fact that he won't release any information from his college years. What's to hide? Why can't we read his thesis? Who hides something like that if there's nothing inflammatory in it?

If you can't trust your President in the so-called "little things" how the heck do you trust him with the big things? Doesn't character matter anymore?

I wish someone would line up the things he's said in the past with what he's saying now and just show how he's done so many about-faces.

Sadly, I think we could prove he was an out and out liar and still half our country would vote for him.

Did you see that video of those school kids in fatigues pledging their allegiance to Obama and the doctrine of change? That is our future folks! Did you see the video of the school kids singing praises to Obama dressed in their light blue t-shirts? That is our future folks! Chairman Obama.

Anyone who compares Obama to a dictator, to Chavez, to Fidel Castro and their ilk is blasted, yet look at those videos and listen to the similarity of how dictators swayed the public to their side and Obama's speeches. It's not just dictators who do what Obama is doing, it's anyone who leads the masses through the rhetoric of empty promises.

Are we so easily led? Have character and integrity lost their meaning? Have we lost the ability to think independently?

Barack Obama is being shown to be a liar and yet he just brushes it off as though it's no big deal.

It's a big deal to me.

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