Thursday, September 4, 2008

Joe Biden

Biden Bloopers.

Biden tain't tellin' de trute is more like it.

I don't often listen to talk radio, usually working, like music, prefer to read my dose of punditness.

Today flipped on radio and heard one of the talk guys sharing a recording of Joe Biden in Florida telling a group he and Obama would prosecute Bush if they took office. He said something along the lines of "if" they found cause, if they found criminality or war crimes or something. He gave himself an out on it by the "if we found" clause, but he still told 'em what they wanted to hear. It was filmed. It was recorded. He knew it was recorded.

The next day or a few days later he was asked about it by a talk show host (TV I think), the name didn't stick. He said he absolutely had not said anything like that.

So the talk radio guy plays him saying he would, then plays him saying he didn't say it.

What kind of guy did Obama pick? If he can't remember what he said from one day to the next, how's he going to handle diplomacy.

Contrast that kind of action with Ms. Breath-of-fresh-air-NOT-Washington Sarah Palin. John McCain done good and it just keeps getting better.

I was so impressed with her last night. She was funny, intelligent, talked to everyone, showed heart and a strong core. The joke she flipped out without missing a beat was great!

Gotta love it. Gotta love her.

Wasn't her youngest just adorable? What a hoot when she started licking her hand and smoothing the babies hair down. It's the kind of thing that Mom would probably stop real quickly, but it was funny.

Nuff for now. Going to be listening to Cindy McCain later, another great woman with a core of gold.

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