Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Interesting article on ballot measures across country

2008 Ballot Measure Update
September 23, 2008, Jennie Drage Bowser
Ballots are starting to shape up around the country. To date, a total of 155 questions have qualified for statewide ballots. 62 of these are citizen initiatives -- most of the rest were referred to the ballot by state legislatures or, in the case of Florida, the state's Taxation and Budget Reform Commission. Three are questions automatically referred by state constitutions, asking voters if they want to hold a constitutional convention.
The total number of ballot questions this year will stay around 150, with at most 63 initiatives. In 2006, the number of initiatives totaled 76, the second-highest total ever (the highest total was 87, which occurred in both 1914 and 1996).

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