Friday, September 19, 2008

Democrats, do your patriotic duty. Send a check to the government.

I think Joe Biden has hit on something.

Since this is such a great patriotic thing to do, then all the Democrats who support Obama should just go ahead, line up, cut checks to the government and hand them over.

Why wait until Obama is elected (please no!) to do your patriotic duty? Patriotism has nothing to do with your Party. If you love your country you should not want to wait for Obama to take office! Show your support for Obama by sending your donations to the government rather than to Obama. Go ahead and figure out what your new tax rate will cost you and send it now.

If you don't want to send your money to the government then just find some folks you want to support and start sending them a monthly check. If enough people chose to follow Joe Biden's patriotic lead then we could do away with Welfare, homelessness and all that ails our country.

Oh wait, did I hear that Joe Biden gives next to nothing to charity? Does Joe Biden send money to the government or does he take it from the government?

I watched Joe Biden when he tried to make paying taxes a patriotic duty. Giving more money to politicians to spend on bridges to nowhere is patriotic? Give me a break. Although I'm not in the tax bracket he was referring to I'm intelligent enough to know that if my boss takes a tax hit then my next raise is toast and maybe my benefits will get cut or something similar. No one voluntarily hands over money to the government.

There is nothing patriotic about giving hard earned money to the government. If they would cut their spending we could cut taxes!

I accidentally spelled patriotic "partiotic". Ya know what Google's spell check picks for first choice substitution? Pathetic. Do you think someone on the Blogger / Google staff is trying to send a message? How does one transposed letter trigger the word pathetic? Not close enough guys.

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Jem said...

Great post! I'm glad to see this ad, too. Do Obama/Biden know what they are saying? They are ridiculously out of touch.