Sunday, September 14, 2008

Comparing Sarah Palin to Barack Obama

You'd think Sarah was running for President instead of Vice Prez the way the media is going after her! They are vetting her better than they ever vetted Barack Obama! When put on the spot they say something about John McCain's age or something about the public vetting Barack Obama for the entire campaign. What a crock.

Let 'em go after Joe Biden like that and the storm would be ferocious! Especially since there's a lot to go after with his long record.

Barack has done nothing of note. I can't believe the public is eating him up like they are doing! Of course, this is the public that bows down at the altar of Hollywood and Jerry Springer, so who am I kidding? They're begging for someone to lead them like the Pied Piper.

It's funny, every time I write something in this blog I wonder how long I'll be able to say something negative about Barack Obama and be allowed? I wonder if someday I'll be traced and the thought police will be knocking on my door. Where is this country headed when the people who say they want free speech protest and beat up people who speak things they don't agree with?

Sarah Palin is a breath of REAL fresh air in this mixed up world of politics. I love it that she speaks her mind and I sure with she didn't have to be hobbled during the election. I can see she's listening real well to the handlers and towing the party line for now. But when she and McCain get to Washington there's not a doubt in my mind things are going to change.

Listen closely to what Barack Obama is saying people. He isn't saying change, he's saying more of the same. He bent to the Party wishes by picking Joe Biden, the 'safe' choice thinking he'd give him credibility. He listened to his wife (I think) and didn't pick Hillary Clinton. She'd have put him over the top and it would have been fun seeing Hillary and Sarah debate, wouldn't it?

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